Tips & Tricks in employment

Searching for a workplace can take many forms. You have the freedom of selecting the best solution for finding the ideal employer. For all candidates the CV and the first impression after the interview are of utmost importance.

In order to influence the employer's decision in your favour, we suggest that you pay great attention to the style your CV is written in and to your behaviour during the interview. Just follow these useful tips.

Tips regarding the CV

- Use a font easy to read
- It would be ideal that your CV is written using Microsoft Word and usual fonts (Times New Roman or Arial) and the size of that font should be 11-12.
- Your CV must be drafted using simple language and clear structures.
- Mention as many of the qualities you have as possible. Employers usually seek for fine details that you might find not important.
- Try to be honest in your CV and do not add qualities you do not have. Employers check if the information is true or not most of the time.
- You can add a picture if you want.

Tips regarding the letter of intent

- Mention why you consider you are suitable for the job.
- Try to revolve the content of the letter around your motivation for getting that job.
- Try to connect your motivation with the additional benefits you can bring to the company.
- The length of the letter body must rely on the factual experience you have when you want to apply for the job.
- Carefully check the content of the letter and its grammatical accuracy. The letters acts as a first impression of how you express yourself.
- End the letter using a positive tone.

The interview

- Come prepaired. A well prepaired candidate gives the impression of a confident and competent person.
- Inquire about the company. The person interviewing you might ask you questions about the company and you will make a very good impression if you prove that you are well informed and interested.
- Be ready to state reasons for why you consider yourself to be the ideal candidate for that position. What is that sets you apart from the others?
- Before the interview, it is best that you define your own objectives. The potential employer might ask you questions about your professional goals, both long term and short term.
- Get to know your strong points as well as your weak ones. Present your weaknesses and the qualities you will improve. The courage of admitting to your faults will be much appreciated.
- Put togheter in advance questions you might want to address the interviewer. Keep in mind that by asking questions you will come across as an active, sociable person and interested in the job you want.

General Aspects

- Be polite, calm and confident.
- Pick suitable clothing and get there a few minutes earlier.
- Answer directly and honestly. If a question is not clear, you may ask for it to be repeated.
- Verify twice the documents that fall into the employer's hands: your CV and your letter of intention.
- Make sure your contacts are accurate. In case you get selected for the job it would be a shame if you could not be contacted later on.
- Display a positive attitude and start from the idea that you are the most suitable person for the job.