Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing / Flexible Workforce is one of Adecco's major business and one of the most effective ways to mobilize human capital. Adecco provides temporary staffing for hourly, daily to monthly needs and projects. 

Adecco specialists work closely to customers and candidates together with Adecco teams - who work at certain periods and serves in project based studies as a result customers’ competitive power rises and the advantage of time and cost is created.

Temporary staffing includes all stages of recruitment for your maximum flexibility.  Adecco consultants will quickly recruit temporary staff for various business needs in a short time with qualified resource.

When? Temporary Staffing?

Need fast and qualified resource for temporary projects

Need to hire additional staff to perform special projects, or time restricted projects

Restrictions on hiring permanent staff

Need to replace temporarily absent staff (for the period of vacation, illness or maternity leave of permanent staff)

Seasonal prevalence in production processes

Reducing risks associated with the hiring of low-skilled and not key employees

Busy schedule

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