CV Tips

Your CV is probably the most important sales document of your life. It is summary of your skills, accomplishments, experiences and education, designed to capture a prospective employer's interest.

The tone of your CV should be formal and have a clear structure.

Include formal photo in your CV.-Give only important information. Education/qualifications and professional experience  should be presented in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent job and working backwards in time.

Give starting and finishing dates to include month and year. List your key accomplishments try to aim for a minimum 3 per role if you can for at least the last 2-3 positions held.

If you are applying for a job requiring specific skills, give specific examples to most effectively represent the key requirements of the job specification ensuring that your CV has greater relevance and recognition. You should aim to present your knowledge, experience and personal qualities to the potential employer in the best possible chance of an interview.

Do not leave jobs/companies off your CV even if they were short term moves. It will come up at reference checking if not before: a job/role not recorded on your CV can lead to mistrust.

Check grammar and spelling. Spelling mistakes and poorly constructed sentences communicate negative impressions about the candidate. Keep your CV up-to-date. Remember, each new skill or experience makes you more valuable to future employer.

Your CV should be as concise as possible, comprehensive but consist of no more than 2 pages.

Cover Letter

The cover letter is the single most important document of your job search. Mention clearly the position you are applying for and where you saw the advertisement. Explain why you consider yourself the right candidate for this job. Also say how your experience can benefit the employer. Provide information relevant to the vacancy that is not reflected in your CV. A well prepared cover letter will make a good impression and increase the interest of potential employers.


























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